Our training guns are not exact replicas, but will properly secure into most duty holsters for designed for Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, and Sig 320 holsters.

This is the average time between firearms accidents in America. Putting aside the human cost firearms accidents cost the US economy over 10 billion per year. While the circumstances of each accident is unique, the final link in the chain is always the same – THE UNINTENTIONAL TRIGGER PULL. We at SMART FIREARMS have developed a training gun which DEMANDS proper handing at all times building the muscle memories to build SAFE, CONFIDENT, AGGRESSIVE shooters. Our latest GEN4 models include a trigger break and reset, removable magazine, adjustable sights and come pre-wired for laser inserts.

“As featured in Ballistic Magazine ”

As Featured in Ballistic Magazine

“Athlon Outdoors” latest issue of Ballistic Magazine is available on newsstands nationwide. Single copies and subscriptions are available at or by calling (800) 284-5668   Read More

Strengthen Your De-Escalation Training with our SF-CEW X2




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Kevin McCullar (left) and Tyler Pappas use Smart Firearms training weapons in a “clear the room” drill at Chandler Gilbert Community College.


Our training gun has revolutionized police training everywhere! The perfect training gun for ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING, REALITY-BASED SCENARIO TRAINING, DEFENSIVE TACTICS, and FIREARMS TRAINING. With its active trigger, you will know immediately when your trainee has fired their gun as it will emit a crisp sound of a gunshot and an LED light shows you which trainee fired.

Whether the shot was justified or not, this training device gives the trainer IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. This feature will stop the numerous negligent discharges happening throughout the nation every day. Never again will a trainee have to say “bang, bang” while holding a piece of rubber. Every instructor knows that this is terrible training because in a stress situation we always revert back to our training. There was never another option. Now there is.


New York Police Department

Boston Police

DC Metro

New York State Police

Phoenix Police Department

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Nevada Dept. of Corrections

New Orleans Police Department

As an added feature, the engineers at Smart Firearms Training Devices, LLC have created a revolutionary feature that will change the way the safe handling of firearms is taught.  From the very first moment the student is exposed to our training weapon, the device will demand safe handling.  Using a proprietary sensor design, the advanced technology embedded into our training weapon will detect when there is the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard.  This device will not penalize the student for making the conscious decision to transition their finger onto the trigger and engage the threat, but will alert the instructor if proper trigger control is not utilized.  Features SMG.  The SFTD design can be molded to fit the holsters of most modern law enforcement and military firearms.


Here’s What People are Saying About Smart Firearms
This is a great tool that will ensure everyone is operating safely and will also reduce police department liability.
Robert Arabian

CEO, Covered 6 (Law Enforcement Trainers)

The best product to come along for the law enforcement community since Taser.

RTO/Major, Metropolitan Police Dept

I use Smart Firearm weapons in my concealed carry class. I start every class by laying the training pistols and wait to hear the alarm go off. From there it is a great transition into a discussion on the importance of trigger finger discipline.
Julianna Crowder

NRA Instructor, A Girl & A Gun

Safe firearms handling begins with SMART FIREARMS TRAINING DEVICES

With prices starting at $99.00 there is no better option! All our devices are assembled in the United States!  Smart Firearms wants to be your partner in training our police officers!

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