Mike Farrell
Founder / President

Mike Farrell is a professional pilot. Early in his career he was based in West Berlin flying for Tempelhof Airways and German Air Rescue. As the Berlin Wall fell Mike was the last pilot to land in the divided city. For the next year Mike flew throughout Eastern Europe providing Medevac support as the former Warsaw Pact countries developed native air rescue capability. Flying into many abandoned Russian air bases gave Mike the inspiration to start Farrell Aviation, a company which imported former Soviet Military aircraft into the United States.

After Berlin his next stop was Business Express Airways in Boston. During this time he also delivered Saab commuter planes from the factory in Sweden to customers in the US.

Before long Mike received the opportunity to fly for an international cargo airline, Emery Worldwide. Mike flew the next 7 years all over the world in DC8s and 727s in support of military, humanitarian and commercial contracts. He rose to become a check airman and became deeply involved in pilot training.

After Emery Worldwide closed down Mike flew corporate jets until he was hired with a major US airline where he is currently a Los Angeles based pilot.

Mike has been a volunteer sworn Law Enforcement Officer since 2005, and is a firearms instructor.