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Support & FAQ

I've changed batteries and now the sensor doesn't work.
The gun is designed to power up in “SHOT ONLY” mode.  To enable the sensor pull the trigger full aft and hold until the gun chirps and emits an amber flash.  The gun is now in start-up mode and will emit chirps and amber flashes.  Just keep the trigger guard clear until this completes in about 45 seconds.  When it is complete it will flash a green light.  The sensor should now be fully functional.
I am using my training gun with a Use of Force Simulator with an integrated sound system. Can I disable the "SHOT" sound while retaining the trigger guard incursion sensor features?
Yes.  First, put the gun in “SHOT ONLY” mode.  To do this hold the trigger full aft until the gun chirps and emits a green flash.  Now, hold the trigger full aft until the gun chirps and emait a flashing amber.  The gun is now in startup/programming mode.  While in this mode do three long (over a second) full pulls aft.  Let the gun finish its start-up.  It will now be in simulator mode.  To get back to normal simply reverse the above procedure.
The gun is operating fine but the LASER is no longer emitting.
The gun and the laser operate on different batteries.  Remove the laser from the gun and replace the batteries.
I use my gun for defensive tactics training and I've noticed that after being thrown around quite a bit the magazines do not fit int the magazine well correctly. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Yes.  As the magazine get thrown around the weld starts to loosen and the magazine gets a little wider.  To aid the fit you would just need to sand down, by hand, the inside of the magazine well.  One caution, if the magazine splits completely do not handle the lead weight inside.  Write or call our service department for instructions.
Will your training guns fit my holster?
The training guns are made to fit Safariland duty holsters.  Other brands, such as Blackhawk can be problematic for fit.  Also, when the LASER AMMO SureStrick is in the barrel holsters with a dowel in the bottom (Tactical light holsters mostly) will not fit correctly.
Magazine will not correctly lock into gun after being placed in magazine well. What should I do?
Occasionally, the magazine kick-out spring inside the magazine well will elongate. This hampers the proper locking of the magazine. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Simply sand down the top on the magazine toward the front. Normally, taking off about 1/16” will solve the problem.

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