NEW – SF-CEW X2 Training Device

Reinforce your Use Of Force and De-Escalation Training
Observe your students’ decision making in realistic scenarios with realistic tools!



Give your students the tools they need for proper scenario training. Our device, paired with our other training guns, gives your students all the Use of Force Options they need to follow the Use of Force Continum. Observe their decision making process using SAFE tools in a SAFE environment. No unrealistic safety gear required. Our devices use NO PROJECTILES making them the BEST option.

Our device features:

  • Realistic feel and shape
  • Two red aiming lasers, 2 IR lasers
  • Holsters properly into Taser X2 Style Holsters
  • Functional Safety Lever and Trigger
  • Like the X2 it can take two shots and also re-energize
  • Realistic sound
  • Compatible with some laser training products



SF-35 PRO-X Training Gun 

NEW GENERATION TRAINING GUN  Compatible with SIG P-320 Holsters.


The SF-35 Pro-X Training Gun is the evolution of training guns. As with our previous models, Our Pro-X model SF-35 comes with our patented Unintentional Discharge Zone Sensor Suite which alerts the instructor to finger migration into the trigger guard when no shots are being fired, and forces the student to self-correct. In addition, our gun features:

  • Round Counter – forces a reload after the designated number of rounds in the magazine are fired.
  • INTERNAL LASER – allows for mounting of tactical light but will still lock in holster properly – FIRST OF IT’S KIND.
  • Rumble Motor allows sensory perception that the gun is firing.
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Metal Slide
  • Built on an actual SIG-SAUER P-320 Frame
  • Night Sights
  • Removable Magazine

Smart Firearms – The Evolution of Training Guns

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