The engineers at Smart Firearms Training Devices, LLC have created a revolutionary device that will change the way the safe handling of firearms is taught. From the very first moment the student is exposed to the SF3, this device will demand safe handling.

Mike Farrell is a professional pilot. Early in his career he was based in West Berlin flying for Tempelhof Airways and German Air Rescue. As the Berlin Wall fell Mike was the last pilot to land in the divided city.

SF25 Pro Weapon
SF25 Basic Weapon
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SF30 Basic Weapon
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Covered 6 trains law enforcement, military, security and civilian shooters.  We find this tool equally effective with out new shooter as with our experienced LE officers, who sometimes need the subtle reminder to keep their finger indexed.  This a a great tool to save a police department liability and weill ensure everyone is operating safely.  I can’t wait to see the next rendition of the product as I know it will only get better.”

Robert Arabian
CEO, Covered 6

The stories below are presented not to point out any individual officers or departments. The fact is we all know someone who has been involved in a negligent discharge. You will read of rookies and veteran SWAT Officers, military recruits and Special Forces. The circumstances are varied but the last crucial link in the chain of all these events was an unwanted trigger pull.

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National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association change in training syllabus has opened the door for the increased use of simulators and inert training guns in their courses. The change in the NRA syllabus, while receiving some push back from instructors, has been, overall, well received by students. We are now offering a discount on all of our training guns to NRA instructors to help them maximize their use in courses. The feedback we have received has been very positive. Going forward we invite all NRA instructors using out training guns to let us know what features they find useful and what features they would like to see in the future versions.