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Mike, “I wanted to tell you what a great product you have.  I am an NRA Training Counselor, a CA POST firearms instructor and I taught a class of new pistol instructors last     weekend.  In short, it allowed them to realize the importance of having every effective tool available to teach a new shooter the importance of indexing the trigger finger.  I have used other devices to try to illustrate this concept, and it was amazing how quickly each of the student instructors kept returning to your product to incorporate it into their teaching.  It is well constructed, durable and easy to use.

Covered 6 trains law enforcement, military, security and civilian shooters. We find this tool equally effective with out new shooter as with our experienced LE officers, who sometimes need the subtle reminder to keep their finger indexed. This a a great tool to save a police department liability and will ensure everyone is operating safely. I can’t wait to see the next rendition of the product as I know it will only get better.”

Robert Arabia

CEO, Covered 6

” The best product to come along for the law enforcement community since Taser. “

RTO/Major, Metropolitan Police Dept.

”Device is being utilized in our scenario based training it has been an asset in stressing ‘finger off the trigger’ until deciding to discharge.“

Inspector/FTU, Metropolitan Police Dept.

” They are working awesome. Last week we pepper sprayed the baby class and they used the guns to confront an armed suspect while under the influence of the spray. Two recruits had an unintentional discharge and another recruit fired and shot the suspect 4 times. Had we not had the guns (using only the blue guns) we would have never known. So after, we re-mediated the recruits who had the unintentional discharge, and we had the recruit who shot the suspect justify the lethality. My Patrol & Observation instructors taught building searches and they advised me that there were a few finger in the trigger events which was awesome. “


Commander/CGCC , POST Academy

” Your demonstration of the Smart Firearms Training Devices Mark 1 prototype safe trigger handgun was much appreciated. For many years, progressive trainers in the law enforcement community have desired a product that would allow for full spectrum use of force training scenarios. Many other training products allow for firearms usage, or hands on contact, but not both. The ability to safely conduct a training session involving the full range of an Officer’s use of force tools would be of great benefit to the law enforcement community. It appears that the Mark 1 could fit the training needs of our Department. As a full time trainer, I would be very interested in a production version of the system. “

Mike McCartney

Police Officer & Firearms Instructor

” I use Smart Firearm weapons in my concealed carry class. I start every class by laying the training pistols and wait to hear the alarm go off. From there it is a great transition into a discussion on the importance of trigger finger discipline. “

Julianna Crowder

NRA Firearms Instructor, A Girl & A Gun

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